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Hi I am Tara. Owner of Astara Co., a fun, funky, unique young womens/ teen clothing boutique in Iowa City. I also own Astara Photography & Design. I am a wife, mother, and photographer living in the great state of Iowa. No, I am not a farmer, nor have I ever been a farmer, but do drive 20 minutes through the country to get to a "big" city. I love simple things. I try to be as green as I can. I love to be artsy and crafty when my busy schedule allows. I blog about all things MOM, my shop, fashion, life, FOOD, photography, social issues, and more. Check me out!

Please don’t censor me!

Please don’t censor me!. My thoughts on SOPA and PIPA. via Please don’t censor me!. Advertisements

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Two Photo Projects For This Year

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Is there a studio in my future?

So as you know I am doing the MCP Project 12. January’s theme is Resolution. I am a fresh new photog and do not have a studio. There is a spot up the road from me that has been for … Continue reading

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Stop Wishing and Start Living!

I have decided to participate in the MCP actions, Project 12. They will be giving photographers a topic once a month, and it is our job to create 4 to 5 images that we feel relate to the topic given. … Continue reading

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