Is there a studio in my future?

So as you know I am doing the MCP Project 12. January’s theme is Resolution. I am a fresh new photog and do not have a studio. There is a spot up the road from me that has been for sale for a long while now. Today, I went and checked it out, to my suprise it is even more perfect than I originally thought. Now, I know not to count any chickens before they hatch, but in the mean time of thinking, budgeting and waiting, I have decided to share some photos of the buildings and surroundings. One of my resolutions this year is to own my own studio so I can take my business to the next level.
In editing, I used MCP Free Magic Blog it Board, and actions: Extra Details, In Stark Contrast, and Details Color all from the All in the Details MCP actions.


About Astara Co.

Hi I am Tara. Owner of Astara Co., a fun, funky, unique young womens/ teen clothing boutique in Iowa City. I also own Astara Photography & Design. I am a wife, mother, and photographer living in the great state of Iowa. No, I am not a farmer, nor have I ever been a farmer, but do drive 20 minutes through the country to get to a "big" city. I love simple things. I try to be as green as I can. I love to be artsy and crafty when my busy schedule allows. I blog about all things MOM, my shop, fashion, life, FOOD, photography, social issues, and more. Check me out!
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One Response to Is there a studio in my future?

  1. k*handtke says:

    Is this place for your studio-to-be? Awesome! Hope your plans will work out for you.

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